"The cake is quite light and fluffy.  They come up with so many different ways to stuff these waffle cakes that you will never be disappointed.  I follow them on Facebook and Instagram just so that I can get the menu for the day or any other updates they may have.  Whatchafillin is at Eat the Street also and they are one of the few trucks that try to have at least two things that go with the theme of the night."

"The ladies that run this small food truck are so awesome!!!!!  They are always friendly and their food is divine.  I was a little skeptical at first to try these waffle cakes, but at the first bite, I was in love.  Lol."

Originally founded in January 2013, Whatcha Fillin' began as a food truck. You may remember seeing the BIG purple and gray beast roaming the streets and popping up at Eat the Street events, Honolulu Night Market events, Yelp events, etc., and appearing on various local TV segments such as Cheap Eats and KITV Morning News. It was a busy year full of excitement, but sadly, Whatcha Fillin' closed its doors, or rather, retired its wheels at the end of the year. 

We were honored to see that our followers were sad to see us go. So now, although under new ownership, Whatcha Fillin' is returning with our sweet and savory waffle cakes, and even our later menu addition, rice cakes!

You can once again enjoy a life full of French Kisses, Strawberry Blondes, Italian Stallions, etc. In case you're thinking we're just a bunch of perverts, those are just some of our scrumptious waffle cake names.

​You don't want to miss out on this yumminess. Check out what some of our customers have had to say prior closure. We promise we will continue Whatcha Fillin's awesomeness!
"We had never heard of this food before, I'm 8weeks preggo and it sounded amazing so we checked it out. Got the " Nuts about you" and it was pure deliciousness in my mouth, my husband and I loved it! We will be back for more we want to try the "hot stuff" next!"

"Super yummy!!!!! Who would have thought, a waffle STUFFED with curry goodness is SO tasty?!"